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When you're invested in making sure your trailer stays in great working order for years to come, you need knowledge and skill you can count on. Our highly trained technicians are dedicated to maintaining and servicing your trailer so you can get the most out of your purchase. Here at Double A Trailer. We know that you have a destination and a deadline, and we will help keep your trailer rolling.

Double A Trailer Service is a full-service trailer dealer that employs factory-trained shop technicians. Some of our services include:

  • Any types of trailers serviced include boat trailers, utility trailers, horse trailers, and RV trailers

  • Trailer Hitch Installation

  • Installing trailer options

  • Electric awnings

  • Install windows & doors

  • Steel and aluminum welding

  • Wiring

  • Brake service

  • Trailer body work

  • Full-service on-premises trailer repairs

  • Install ramps, hay racks & ladders, rear load lights, air conditioning, stall pads and window screens

  • Our parts departments have complete inventories of parts and accessories.

We are proud to provide quality service in the Lake, McHenry, Cook, DuPage, Walworth, Kenosha, Racine County’s, and the surrounding areas.

Reliability is critical when there's a job to do. We can help you keep your trailer in pristine condition! If you have any questions or concerns about servicing your trailer, feel free to call us (224) 541-4151 or email us at service@aatrailer.com and we'll be happy to help you over the phone or assist you in making an appointment. Come talk to us about how to best maintain your investment and learn more about our available services!

You can count on Double A Trailer to get your trailer in prime shape. Whether you need Maintance, any accessory install, or repair, schedule your next service with our certified and highly trained technicians. We will get you safely out on the road.

What makes our service different from the rest? We are certified & trained, have the experience & passion for perform quality work, have a trustworthy team, and are an expert in the industry. We specifically work on all brands of equipment Trailers. This has made us an expert in our work and know the products inside & out.

America’s leading axle manufacturer recommends servicing your trailer bearings every 12,000 miles or 12 months whichever comes first. At Double A Trailer. We take it a step further with our trailer general service. We want to assure your entire trailer is maintained on a regular basis. Our general service includes a complete break-down inspection of your trailer hubs/drums, brakes when applicable, axle(s), tires, suspension, electrical system, structure, and safety mechanisms.

Utility trailers are special entities that require specific knowledge to properly maintain. Your utility trailer is especially susceptible to bearing, brake and axle failure because these components are in the weather on a regular basis. The moisture, and impurities within the moisture, break down compounds in the bearing grease causing bearings to run dry and seize to the axle spindle. Regular inspection of your bearings and brakes is the only way to verify they are not on the verge of failure.


  • raise the trailer off the ground to allow the suspension to relax for proper inspection

  • break down the hubs, rotors or drums to reveal bearing and brake condition when applicable

  • hydraulic/surge, electric brakes, popular on trailers, also require inspection of the brake actuator and hydraulic lines and wires for proper function and possibility of damage

  • inspect and test your electrical system

  • check your tires for wear, age and proper air pressure.

  • inspect entire frame of the trailer from tongue, to cross members to fenders for cracks, rust damage and potential weak areas

  • all moving parts are lubricated

  • call you to discuss findings and recommendations

Double A Trailer is proud to provide quality service to the areas of Lake, McHenry, Cook, DuPage, Walworth, Kenosha, Racine County’s, and the surrounding areas. Schedule your service today by calling us at 224-541-4151 and we’ll be happy to assist you in making an appointment. If you have any questions or concerns about your trailer, feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to help you.Call, visit, or contact us today. The Double A Service Team is here to help!